Whether you manage a business or simply have a lot of important information stored on your computer, protecting your critical data is essential. After all, computers can crash without warning.

Managed IT Services

You rely on your computer, equipment, and network to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently. But managing your various services can take time and effort. So if you're looking for a team to come in and do it for you, we're here to help. At I.T. Town in Glendale, CA, our managed services are designed to keep your business functional, operational, and efficient.


When it comes to cutting-edge digital network solutions, I.T. Town is at your service. We offer reliable cloud computing service for businesses and individuals.


In today's business world, computers play an integral role in almost everything. Your business's computer systems are at the core of your company and need to function properly in order for your venture to be successful. And to keep your business running smoothly, you need an IT company you can rely on. That's where we come in.



Great service

I was referred to Amir after having had a terrible experience with another company. Amir was extremely helpful and professional. He got my security system back up and running, installed a new camera, and just happened to have a new monitor that he allowed me buy from him. The system has had not problems since the installation. I even reached out regarding a completely separate internet matter, at a later date, and Amir tried to walk me through it. This was definitely above and beyond the original scope of work that he charged me for. Just a sign of his great customer service. Highly recommended

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- Erik . 8/1/2016

Great Job

Very knowledgeable. Easy to work with. I would recommend Amir.

- Brad . 7/27/2016

Trustworthy Computer Company

I.T. Town is the BEST computer technical support I have ever experienced. Very friendly and extremely knowledgeable. Always responds promptly when you leave a message. Prices are reasonable and I highly recommend this company.

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- Michael . 7/14/2016

I am extremely satisfied with IT Town's service. Their professional and knowledgeable staff are always helpful and prompt with responding to emergency calls.

- Norick . 7/5/2016

Very professional and great rates !

Using IT Town for our company IT support needs has been one of our best decisions. Amir is very experienced and knowledgeable and there prices are very competitive. Our company highly recommends there services

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- Abraham . 6/10/2016

Guys are amazing!!

Dude these guys are amazing and professional you cannot find a company that can meet your expectations like the IT town. Probably the best prices in or around your town. Very friendly I must say and quick. I would recommend this company to anyone who doesn't want to spend an arm and a leg for quality service

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- Henry . 6/10/2016

Simply The Best!

I honestly can say Amir is the best! He is so quick and prompt and get the job done! Whenever we have a computer emergency he is available and thats whats important, there is nothing worse then having computer issues and not being able to get anyone to help. Highly recommended!

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- Kate N 6/9/2016

Extremely knowledgable, personable and honest

These guys are great! My laptop had the "screen of death". They diagnosed the problem (broken motherboard) for free, quick and efficiently they gave me a solution and good deal; new laptop where they had transferred all my data (music, documents, photos, programs etc.) from my old computer, and with the service included was a really good price. I recommend this place, professional & efficient! Thank you Amir 🙏

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- Sanaz . 6/5/2016

very professional IT genius

Ive been a client of IT town since 2014. Amir is so friendly and knowledgable he simplifies everything so that my office runs smoothly he recently installed a new camera system as well his rates are reasonable..Hes super honest and although hes busy he will always make time for you im a professional giving you a great referral w Amit at IT town

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- janet . 6/5/2016

➡️ MOST BRILLIANT COMPUTER TECH on this planet!!! Amir should be called Mr. Planet!

Some time back, I had ran into homicide of my laptop. I had dropped protein shake all over the keyboard the night before my book was to be released. In fact, I was going over final authorizations of proofing at that very instant. But TOO BAD said the mother board gang... and I was doomed left to HAVE TO HOLD A FAREWELL SERVICE FOR IT before letting it go. --> Nobody in town would even touch it for under $500. In fact, NOBODY WOULD EVEN TOUCH IT! They ALL told me to buy a new one. EVERY SINGLE REPAIR SHOP I WENT TO THROUGHOUT ALL OF LA. Like I could just drop a grand or 2 on a new laptop like it was no biggie. But it WAS a biggie. And on my last resort/attempt... I was blessed by the karma credit I had... and found "IT TOWN!!!!" Besides being INCREDIBLY friendly, Amir was extremely intelligent! He took apart every aspect of my laptop to thoroughly inspect, improve, restore, and rejuvenate the life of it! Not only did I get my computer back, but I got an even better one! INCREDIBLE pricing, detailed work, has reps that can come out to you, and can build you an original computer with all the top components of today's top technology... FOR AN UNBEATABLE PRICE! Don't let the location of Glendale have you miss out on his expertise! That's a drive that's beyond worth it! Plus, like I mentioned above, he has reps that can come to you! YOU WONT FIND ANYONE BETTER... Especially at his prices!!! I never plug companies, but I am soooooo grateful for the ethics of this man and his profession. PLEASE GO TO THIS PAGE AND LIKE IT! Look over ALL the things he fixes AND installs! He's literally a MAD SCIENTIST!!!! Only a happy one! :-) THIS GUY CAN FIX ANYTHING! And his company offers a wide variety of services as well! In fact, a couple months later, he installed a top-of-the-line home security system in my place!!! I'm convinced that he probably can fix attitudes as well! Bc mine definitely shifted after I saw the miracles he performed in the surgical procedure of my baby Vaio!!!! I'm very pleased to give Amir and his company an A-list referral for ANY job you need! I guarantee you'll get extraordinary results AND YOU'LL MAKE A GREAT, NEW, GENUINE FRIEND! (And if anything, and you go out to his locations in Glendale, there is a HUGE "In and Out" a block away to enjoy while he's restoring your product better than new! Just sayin. I was upset that day. I couldn't figure out why all that stuff has happened to me within a 15 hour time span. And NOW I KNOW... it happened so I could meet Amir at "IT TOWN!" You're the best! And I am sooooo grateful for you! (Please don't ever move or leave this state!) Hang on to this page and card people! You won't regret it!

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- M P 6/5/2016

A group of highly experienced and professional computer experts

I have been using I.T. Town for the past 2+ years for my office needs where we have a network of windows and Mac computers. Whenever there is a computer, network or internet issue, we call them and they fix the problem either remotely or if needed they send a technician usually within an hour or two to our office. Having used their services repeatedly over these past years, I can say with confidence that these guys are very, very good...they are honest, polite, friendly and very knowledgeable about computers and very affordable when it comes to pricing. I would highly recommend you use this company for all your computer and I.T. needs!!

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- Serj . 6/3/2016

Professional, knowledgabe and friendly

Amir is a pleasure to work with. I actually refer him out to alot of my customers and we have been very happy with his service and excellent technical support. I will continue to use IT Town for our technical support needs.

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- Katie . 6/1/2016

Top of the line service/ The Best

I have known Amir for several years, He is the most knowledgeable, expert computer / IT man around Los Angles and Beverly Hills area. I was lucky enough to have met this gentleman, since many other IT computer guys, could not have handled my project, but because of his expertise and knowledge, he handled everything A++, I could not be more satisfied. Best part of all, he is the most reasonable when it comes to prices. Two thumbs up!

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- Anthony . 5/31/2016

So happy with my faster computer!

Amir was wonderful! He came in, assessed my computer and came up with the best plan of action, that was also cost effective, He cleaned up my computer and now it operates so much faster! He also gave me options for a new computer when I'm ready. The only reason I didn't give him 6 stars was because I was expecting him at 2:30 and he didn't arrive until 4pm. Other than that, it was wonderful!

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- Nicki M 5/31/2016

It is great

- Negin . 5/30/2016

These guys are super professional.

I'm a techie person myself and it is hard to admit but sometimes even pros need help. I had a complex network problem that I struggled to solve for a month and Amir fixed it in a few hours. These guys are super professional.

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- Mike . 5/28/2016

Professional respones from Experts

A week ago I had 2 of my loptops broken and I was so exusted for not being able to either work or study! A friend of mine introduced Amir to me and it was such a pleasure to meet this knowledgeable friendly gentleman who fixed the problems. Also, his promisses were kept and his commitment is honored as he genuinely repaired my loptops and saved me hundreds of dollors. If you have any question regarding my experience with Amir, don't hesitate to contact me under my post. Thank you indeed man! Meena

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- Meena . 5/28/2016

Amir and IT Town are top notch!

I could not recommend this company more highly. Professional, timely, knowledgeable, and very reasonably priced. They came to fix an issue created by another technician. It took WAY longer than they expected. They handled it, charged me a very civilized rate and got everything running 100%. Absolutely wonderful experience.

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- Jesse . 5/27/2016

Professional and friendly

We have been looking for an IT consulting & computer support firm online since we downsize our company and needed an outside IT consultant. Our file server as well as our Microsoft exchange server was defected completely and caused many issues to our network and some workstations as well. First we weren't sure that whether My Remote Tech can handle such a project, however we hired them under condition of first project result. They did a fantastic job and resolved all our problems and saved us time as well as money. We have been working with them ever since and never have any IT related issues. Thank You.

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- Brian . 5/27/2016

You're the best.

It's simply awesome to have professionals like you with great prices! I truly appreciate your efforts and patience with customers like me and all my other friends that I referred to you!

- Farny . 5/10/2016

5 stars
100% Would Recommend


At I.T. Town, we offer computer service designed to get to the root of any problem as efficiently as possible. From phone systems to printer repair, we can handle much more than just basic computer maintenance. Our coverage area includes the entire Greater los Angeles area, so turn to us when you're in need of technical support of any kind.

Our services are intended for individuals as well as small businesses, so take advantage of our expertise in data backup or data recovery when you can't risk losing important information. We accept a wide range of payment methods, including major credit and debit cards, PayPal, cash, money order, and personal check. Our company provides many useful options, such as: Server management, Cloud computing, Services, IT solutions .

The knowledgeable IT professionals at I.T. Town in los Angeles, CA, will ensure that your business can rely on its technology at all times. We'll provide the computer service you actually require without slipping in extra charges for repairs or maintenance you don't really need. To discuss your situation, call us today.

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